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Meet Our Girls

Alice Dede Bright & needy Memorial Foundation offers academically brilliant girls from a needy backgrounds, an opportunity to further their education and be able to keep alive their hopes, dreams and aspirations.


They also learn to main the high standards expected of them. In addition, the girls learn to be courageous leaders, give back to their communities and project personal confidence and competence in all they do.


The foundation’s students, alumni and staff are awesome. Meet our girls:


Christiana Obeng Badu

Christiana Obeng Badu is a form 3 student of St Monica’s Senior High School who was nominated and selected for sponsorship in 2014. Despite her impressive academic performance, she would have been unable to further her education if not for our Scholarship programme.


Christiana, was initially hesitant when she heard about the Scholarship scheme. Her initial reaction was the fear of her father getting annoyed about her decision to apply though she knew her parents could not afford to pay for her fees.


She decided to discuss with her parents on a mid-term break and her father agreed. On her return to school, her form master accompanied her to see Father Nsenkyire (The School Chaplain and representative of the foundation at St. Monica’s Senior High School). The deadlines for filling the forms had passed but with persuasion from her form master, Father Nsenkyire agreed.


Christiana’s joy upon qualifying for the scholarship was indescribable. She was for a moment absent minded when she was informed and so excited upon hearing the news. She said a prayer to thank the Lord for the opportunity.


Christiana believes that the scholarship has brought her a step closer to her ambition to become a Nutritionist in the near future


Here’s what Christiana had to say; “I am grateful to the Alice Dede Bright and Needy Memorial Foundation for supporting me and I promise to continue studying hard to make the Foundation and my parents proud.”

Her expectation is that the foundation will continue to sponsor her through her tertiary education.


Freda Addo

Freda Addo is a form 3 student of St Monica’s Senior High School who was nominated and selected for sponsorship in 2014. The Scholarship programme was a timely intervention in her life to enable her further her education.


Freda on hearing about the scholarship took the bold decision of applying for it. After submitting her name to Father Nsenkyire, she went back to ask herself if she was bright enough to qualify for the scholarship though she knew she met one criteria of being a needy student.


She however completed the forms with the determination of studying extra hard to be a bright student. She was so excited when she was when informed she had qualified for the scholarship.


Freda has the ambition of being a Computer Scientist.


She is determined to be a computer scientist because her Primary School did not have computers. Her dream to be a Computer Scientist was motivated by her peers from other Private Schools who had Computer Science as part of the curriculum.

At that point she realized that her computer literacy level was inadequate hence her decision to choose a course in ICT.


Freda is grateful to the Alice Dede Bright and Needy Memorial Foundation for the scholarship. She intends to study hard in the hope that the scholarship will be extended to fund her tertiary education.