Alice Dede Bright & Needy Memorial Foundation | How We Work
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How We Work

Needs Assessment

The underlying issues which birthed this vision are:


  • A need to give back to society while contributing to build a better future for the youth
  • To empower the girl child
  • Develop leadership skills that impacts the wider community


To appropriately tailor our programmes to meet specific needs of target beneficiaries, we carry out a series of activities to gain an insight into areas of development where deficencies are prevalent.

We carry out interviews and surveys with education providers and and the student body to identify the specific barriers to learning at various levels of education system. This strategy enables us identify the most common challenges and fashion out the appropriate approach to overcome barriers to development.


Mentorship programmes highlight key areas of interest and importance to development that are absent from mainstream curriculm.
By carefully aligning objectives and activities with needs identified on the ground, we are on target to achieve desired outcomes and maximize the impact of our programmes.


Governance Structures

We have adapted a governance structure in relation to modern best practice which provides us with direction, ensures the implementation of milestones and ensures appropriate review of issues encountered during the programme.


Our governance structure defines the relationship between all groups involved in the project and ensures the proper flow of information to programme stakeholders.


Awards Committee

Our Awards Committee comprises representatives from A-Kon Consults Limited (our main sponsor), administrators and alumni from the partner schools.

The committee has oversight responsibility for the Scholarship scheme. The committee undertakes the following key activities:


  • Provide advise and direction to Trustees on the effectiveness and viability of the Scholarship scheme
  • Participate in screening and selection of scholarship applicants
  • Recommend and nominate mentors for awardees
  • Support programme related activities such as guest lectures and training seminars
  • Monitor overall progress of the programme with updates from the appointed staff advisors


Staff Advisor

A staff advisor is an affiliate of an educational Institution nominated to serve as the coordinator for the scholarship scheme. Key responsibilities include:


  • Monitor the academic performance of the girls and oversee all activities they engage in
  • Serve as the liaison between the girls and the school administration, facilitating processes and procedures for any projects and activities undertaken
  • Coordinate the evaluation process of the programme



Student Leaders

Two students are selected each term as leaders from the Scholarship beneficiaries. The student leaders are responsible for the following:


  • Ensure scholarship beneficiaries participate in periodic peer learning sessions
  • Coordinate identified projects and activities undertaken by scholarship beneficiaries
  • Represent scholarship beneficiaries at an annual committee meeting and any functions, if required