Alice Dede Bright & Needy Memorial Foundation | Girls’ Empowerment Model
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Girls’ Empowerment Model

We seek to promote our flagship programme, the Girls’ Empowerment Model. Mentorship and peer learning are the two pillars of the Empowerment Model.



Mentors are selected from alumni of beneficiary schools and matched with the scholarship beneficiaries based on background and fit.

Eligible mentors serve as role models who engender a spirited leadership model that inspires girls to achieve their highest potential to become responsible members of society.
The mentors provide guidance for the girls in the areas of academia , career guidance, life skills, and other areas that impact the developmental path of girls, inspiring self-confidence and motivation to achieve their potential.


Peer Learning:

Participants of peer learning schemes take an active role in personal and career development by sharing experiences and ideas, supporting each other overcome academic and social obstacles and learning how to excel in the school environment.
Peer learning programs encourage the formation of study groups and teamwork in the achievement of set goals and objectives.