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Alice Dede Memorial Foundation

Alice Dede was a woman who pursued her entire education on scholarships. In her generation, fathers refused to educate their daughters. This was in tune with the generally held notion that a woman’s place was the kitchen and it was a waste of resources to educate her. 

Alice Dede being determined to educate herself, sought assistance in the form of a scholarship. Her education was funded entirely through scholarship schemes and she turned out to be a bright, talented, and resourceful member of society.

Samuel Asare-Konadu (son of Alice Dede), founder and patron of the Foundation, having benefited in part from a scholarship believes that education is an opportunity that should be available to every student who demonstrates academic promise.

The memory of his mother and the conscious effort she made to educate herself, in the face of her numerous challenges is one that spurs Samuel on to champion the cause of the less privileged in society.

Narrated By:
Samuel Asare-Konadu  


Establish a scholarship fund awarding scholarships to underprivileged girls based on academic merit and leadership potential. Implement a girls’ empowerment model that entails mentorship from alumni and peer learning.


Nurture leadership potential by supporting girls to lead a change project or civic awareness initiative for the benefit of the entire school body or the wider community.


Alice Dede Memorial Foundation

The Alice Dede Bright and Needy Memorial Foundation support talented, underprivileged girls to achieve their full potential.

The Foundation has to date provided scholarships through a rigorous and competitive selection criterion to students of some of the tertiary schools in Ghana. St Monica’s Senior High School, Mampong.

The Foundation is open to supporting more students in other schools and collaborating with other education-based charities as a way of deepening its mandate and widening the scope of its operations.

We strive to make an impact on girl child education in Ghana and groom the girls and their potentials to be instruments of change in the society and the country at large.

The Foundation also engages in training programs and change projects to make it possible for the girls to act on the problems affecting them and their social environment.


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