Our Story

As students in High School, Alice and Abena Asare-Konadu noticed the increasing demand for school/exercise books by students and its accompanying short supply. As it became apparent that there were a number of less fortunate students who could not afford to purchase books, they took a bold decision to offer help by coming up with the initiative ‘A&A Recycling Book Project’ which facilitates access to free new books. This project, also known as ‘Project A&A’ involved collecting exercise books from old students, salvaging the unused pages and recycling them into new books for students. 


Project A&A aims to assist less fortunate students in the society with the provision of school stationary. We offer services and products that will facilitate the educational development of the less privileged children in school at the community level. This will eventually support government’s efforts in improving education in the country’s first and second cycle schools. 

Our second initiative is to inspire and motivate students to take up leadership skills, by providing the opportunity to enhance the skills of a select group of students who have been chosen to work with Project A&A per each initiative. Through this we hope to encourage students to set up more charitable projects and instil in each student the ability to empathize with other individuals.


To support our leaders of tomorrow by supporting the youth of today

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